Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Welcome to Greyglade!

Well met, weary traveler! Come, sit down, relax, and enjoy our company for a time.

Now, tell me, friend...

Have you ever wanted to swordfight?

Do you dream of medieval battles?

Would you like to meet elves, orcs, faeries, dwarves, drow, goblins, angels, demons, Romans, knights, Vikings, barbarians, and the like?

Here's a concept. You can.

How, you may ask?

The answer is simple: Dagorhir.

Dagorhir is a live action full contact battle game using padded weapons. It's a chance to shed your everyday 21st century cares and spend some time just hitting people. It's your ticket to parties, revels, competitions, tournaments, duels, slave auctions, dressing up in funny clothes, talking with a weird accent, and, of course, fighting until your heart's content. It lets you use a sword, axe, glaive, spear, flail, javelin, bow and arrows, and an endless variety of other medieval weapons.

It's your chance to live a fantasy. And it's cheap, easy, and available.

You know you want it.

The links on the right will allow you to browse around the Greyglade website (such as it is) and the existence of Dagorhir on the internet in general. And feel free to leave comments on anything you see that you like. If you'd like more information on practice times or location, or about Dagorhir as a whole, send me an email at greyglade (at) dagorhir (dot) com, or join our group on Facebook, as both are faster ways to reach us than the comments here.

Take a look. I'm betting you'll like what you see.

_Ser Kneefers the White, of House Greyglade

(Photograph by Warren the Nomad. We're very grateful.)

Monday, April 29, 2019

Upcoming Practices

[Updated 2/21/12]

Please Note: This website is meant for general information and is not updated as regularly as we would like. If any of this grabs your interest, please feel free to e-mail us at greyglade [at] dagorhir [dot] com with questions and for future practice times, or join the Greyglade Facebook group!

Since a good many of us are away at college, Greyglade practices are not on any set schedule during the Spring semester. Please accept this bowing emoticon as a blatant distraction token of my humblest apologies:

m(_ _)m

For those of you who desire further evidence of my penitence, please allow me to direct your attention to the information regarding Dagorhir's amazing season-opening weekend event: The Ides of March! Ides is just around the corner, the weekend of March 8-11, 2012. This event is a blast, and is the biggest and best national event Dagorhir event that is easily accessible in this part of the country. If you're unsure about this foam-fighting thing, or just beginning to be curious, come out to Ides to get a real taste of everything this game can be. We promise you'll have a good time.

Otherwise, as always, contact us by email or Facebook (please feel free to join the group even you're just interested in lurking to stay abreast of Dagorhir developments in North Alabama) before you plan a trip out to see what we're up to, as we rarely check this site. Hope to see you on the field!