Monday, April 28, 2008

Character: Snojoo

Snojoo the elf had his beginnings in a small wood near the eastern coast of Plellehara. When he was only 8 years of age, his village was attacked by pirates, and he and several other young elves were taken on the ship as labor. The pirates liked Snojoo, and, after coming of age, taught him to sail and handle a sword. Some years later, he jumped ship and headed for the kingdom of Trewas. There he met Ser Kneefers who asked him to join his group of fighters who sought to recover his father's lands. Snojoo warmly accepted and became part of the group. After learning more about warfare from the noble and his followers, Snojoo became noticed by a band of fighters known as Templar Draconis Kestavara. They saw his potential and requested that he join them as well as Greyglade. Upon the invitation Snojoo accepted and now wears the red, black, and white.

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