Monday, July 31, 2006


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, criticisms, death threats, or if you'd just like to chat, about Dagorhir or otherwise, you can contact Kneefers at

Also, if you feel so inclined, Greyglade has a Facebook group, which is just about the best way to keep abreast of the Dagorhir goings-on here in northern Alabama.

See you there,
_Ser K


Aiden of Albion said...

Hail Greyglade!
Just a friendly hello from neighboring Dagorhir in Albion! Feel free to log onto our forums at to. Kneefers, if need be we can use the Albion forums as a medium to discuss the hoped for Massive Southern Battle, as well as a couple other smaller get togethers we could do in between now and the the realization of such a dream. What do ya think?

Aiden said...

Ser Kneefers,
It was great hanging out with you and all the High Spires peeps. Nice meeting you and thanks for sparring a cripple (me). Hope to make it to another practice soon (maybe december?) Take it easy man.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kneefers. It's been a while. I thought that by playing around in school I;d be able to get my mind off of fighting, but it's in my blood. Thanks for replying to my post of the Dag message board.


Anonymous said...

Hello Greyglade, Dustin from the one Sunday Jared brought friends.

Wondering when Rag. is and if anyone allows for car-pooling at an expense or anything of the sort.

Austin said...

Sir Kneefers,
I am wondering if Greyglade is attending Rag. XXIV. I would like to join you if you are going.

Mirv550 said...

Here is the address:

2800 W Highway 5
Bowdon, GA 30108

Get Directions
(770) 258-0444

The weather will most likely be around the mid to high 60's during the day, and in the low 40's/high 30's at night.

There is everything you need about 10 minutes away from the site....

Hotels - about 4 of them

This will be a much smaller event! Last year we had 57, and this year I am expecting around 85. Saturday will lots of good hard fighting with a good feast afterwards!!

The info:
$15 per head for the actually event - so if you don't want to eat feast this is what you pay.
$8 - for day trippers but no feast
The feast is catered out by Mama Rita and Papa James, and for those that don't know them or their cooking let me assure as a fat man, I have never walked away hungry from their feast. I already have an outline for the feast as well:

Smoked turkey
Smoked venision
Smoked pork
Potato soup
Salad /different dressings on the side
Steam vegetables
Fried rice
Mashed Potatoes w/ Gravy
Corn on cob
Fruit *
Vanilla pudding/vanilla wafers

The feast itself is $8, and has been in the past an all you can eat. This will also depend on the number of folks coming out. This is way I always push folks to give me a head count for the event.

So event with feast is $23, and a day trip with feast is $16.

Check in times will start at 2 PM on Nov. 6th. We will post a schedule of events in the next couple of weeks.

We also have pre-reg open, and you can get event t-shirts:

Anonymous said...


i'm brand new to dagorhir and i think its the best game eva!! i have a few questions for ya:

1. How old can you be to play; i've heard things about 13+ but can someone give me a range.
2. i'm looking to either sign with a group or make one. how to i go about doing either.
3. i need a bit more info about meeting times and whats going on at the meets.

please respond ; any help is needed

Kneefers said...

Hey, Anonymous.
At Greyglade practices, the cutoff is about 12 years old, but with some flexibility based on individual differences. You don't really have to "sign" with anyone, you just come and enjoy yourself at practice, no obligation to "join" or anything. If you'd like to come to practices, they're on Sundays at 2:30, at Hamilton Park in Anniston. If you'd like to email me for details, at, that would be great.