Friday, March 31, 2006

Character: Artemas

Artemas is half-Greyglade, born out of wedlock and thus was hidden away from the world to conceal his fathers' indiscretions. At a young age, Artemas was foisted off on a passing bard, who would keep the young man away from the fray for power associated with noble life and teach him a trade to live his life quietly as an artisan. One night, Artemas silently left his teacher to begin his own life in Mylis, the capital city of Trewas, though not before his love of music had been awakened.

The crowded and hostile slums of the city of Mylis are controlled by the mobsters, the gangs, and the corrupt soldiers. But now, in the midst of gang wars, payoffs, and rampant organized crime, the area surrounding the Great Concert Hall is a haven of peace, controlled by a ragtag gang of street urchins known as the Broken Chords. The driving force behind the Chords is the enigmatic Conductor, who claims to be of noble blood.

However, everything changes when Ser Kneefers the White, the last living heir of the Greyglade house, appears in Mylis, searching for a man he says is his half-brother. Kneefers offers to legitimize Artemas as a Greyglade if he will help reclaim their family lands, but Artemas is unimpressed. He accuses his half-brother of having no real knowledge of what life is like without the cushion of nobility, and that it takes more than the offer of prestige or an appeal to a long-ignored family connection to impress him. However, with the mafia of the city pressing in on the Broken Chords' territory, the brothers may get a chance to learn to trust each other...

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